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A Night with 51Oakland Facebook Flyer


The Mission
51Oakland is a nonprofit in Oakland, CA that brings art and music directly into the curriculum of students in the Oakland Unified School District.  Founded by Yoshi Akiba of the famous Jazz Cafe and Japanese Restaurant, Yoshi’s, 51Oakland hosts an annual student performance at the Jazz venue to showcase their talent and fundraise. My mission was to help promote their event which would help them fundraise for the coming year.

The Outcome
I created a colorful, eye catching flyer with dynamic typography to post on their Facebook page. Past designs were created using Paint and Microsoft Word which made this design a big improvement to marketing.


The Impact
The flyer helped bring in a full house at Yoshi’s and was successful on Facebook as it received 313 “likes” and 52 “shares.” In addition, they have used my design as a model to promote this event in 2018.

Brand Strategy
Identity Design

Breaking it down:

“A Night with 51Oakland” is the nonprofit’s biggest event because students get to showcase their talent at the world famous, Yoshi’s Jazz Club. It’s also a night to bring in some donations to keep providing Oakland students art and music during the school day. To gather people at this event, 51Oakland needed a flyer for Facebook that attracted a lot of attention.


Low Res Images

Even though 51Oakland provided me images of their students performing to use for the flyer, they were low resolution and did not complement each other well. Consequently, I decided to find higher quality photos of the Yoshi’s venue instead to use as the main image.

Bright and Trendy

The colors of their past flyers were a bit dull so instead I decided to blend a duotone color layer on top of the image to make it pop, but also so that I could place the copy on top of it. I really wanted to give their organization a modern flyer so I added infographic elements such as a location pin, a calendar, and a moon to complement the name of the event “A Night with 51Oakland.”

*carousel shows progression of unedited photos of Yoshi’s, duotone layer applied, and infographic elements added.

A Small Hiccup

When I presented my original design, the founder’s of Yoshi’s and 51Oakland loved the design, but needed the photo to be swapped out. The photo I chose was of Yoshi’s San Francisco which closed down awhile back and the photo needed to be of Yoshi’s Oakland. Fortunately, this was an easy fix.

If you look in the designs, there is more copy on the final draft (R) that they asked me to add. Consequently, adding this element changed the design, but fortunately, not too greatly.

L-R (Yoshi’s SF and Yoshi’s Oakland)

Success and Sustainability

Not only was 51Oakland very happy with my work, they were even happier that the flyer helped draw attention online and at the venue. On Facebook, this flyer received 313 "likes" and 52 "shares on Facebook and helped bring in a full house at Yoshi’s which also brought in donations for this fundraiser. Additionally, 51Oakland recently used my duotone template as a model to promote this event even though I freelanced with them.


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