my initials are BA. stands for badass


Late Night Come Home Work Sucks I know

I accidentally deleted the 2nd actual post. Unlike the first and the third post, I won’t be writing the feedback/comments that I write on it because it takes too long :/

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If you know these song lyrics, you know it's Blink 182. I remember singing these lyrics carelessly in 1st grade at recess and very loudly at any Pilipino gathering with Karaoke. Today, these lyrics are more and more what it feels like to be someone in the workforce - especially if you're chasing after your dreams. For the past year, I've been working as a Graphic Designer while filming and designing anything for skateboarding. I grew up skateboarding and it's helped me cope with a lot of issues in my life. Story for another time. Though I was able to work really hard and got recognition from HUF Worldwide and was recently brought onto the Harold Hunter Foundation team, I got really burnt out. Until recently, I haven't felt motivated even though I claimed to be self motivated. I learned to integrate my work with my life and was enjoying it. But I still burned out. Recently, my cousin gave me a book to read that I started to feel motivated again. It's called the Compounding Effect. It's not exactly will power that is motivating me, it's why power. Almost everything in my life has come back to why am I doing something. Like I said yesterday, why I'm doing this is to get better.