bradley afroilan


The glorification of pushing 110 percent all the time is a concept that I’m familiar with, love, & hate.

A lot of times it pays off, but there are times when I need to molt off that busy lifestyle and just chill.

However, this has always been an issue. Someone out there is always working harder. It’s an irritating feeling because I know I’m a competitive person. But it’s also easy to say, fxk off and just go back to being lazy. At the end of the day though, if I don’t try, I just let myself down. This inspires me for a little bit to keep trying, but then I come back around to just wanting to say “fxk off.” It’s a Tale as old as time. 

The question now becomes what is my why power. My why power is to ensure that my dad doesn’t have to think he has to take care of me. I’ve taken care of myself for the past 2 years with no help from my dad. I know that I can definitely ask and I have been asking for help recently. It’s just that I hate asking. It’s frustrating because I know one day he won’t be here to help. But I guess it’s better to ask for help now before there is no one there willing. That’s the nice thing about some parents. I say some because not all are fortunate to have parents. I’m lucky to still have one alive.

For these designs, the constraints were 2 weight sizes, but 1
point size.