my initials are BA. stands for badass


If you don't want to start, just start small

I’ve been back in NYC for a week now and jeezus I’m already tired of being here. At work, I’ve been able to reduce my hours and increase my wage a little bit so that I can focus on getting a formal background in graphic design online/ in person and focus on learning how to use the stock market to my advantage. While I was really motivated when I started last week, I’m already feeling burnt out. I just don’t feel creative/ all my stuff doesn’t look how I want it to look/ I feel like I’m just stealing designs (which isn’t bad especially in the beginning because I’m still getting a sense of layout).

It just feels like since I’ve decided to learn how to do everything on my own, it just feels like I know there is this wealth of information out there that I’m way behind on or paying too much for. All of a sudden, I just feel like quitting because it’s too much. However, I really need to pat myself on the back because at least I’m starting. No matter how small it is, the results will be plenty. I think about when I used to do cross country and track and field. Every step, no matter how fast, would compound and result in a fast time on the course. It didn’t matter if I didn’t give it everything in training because no one sees that. What people see is the performance at the meet. I know based on my past experiences that things will be fine. I do just wish that I had some designer friends. One really is the loneliest number…even if you have a therapy dog :/

For these designs, the constraints were 1 weight size, but 2 pt sizes