bradley afroilan


Investing means giving up something now for something else or more of it in the future.

I really don’t like investing in myself for some odd reason. I think it comes from the my former need to want to appease everyone, appear helpful, and have people like me. In short, not wanting to have haters or be on anyone’s bad side. That’s another topic for another time. However, after being here in NYC for a year, I’ve decided to reduce the amount of hours at work so that I can learn about investing in stocks and focus on getting a formal framework in design. I’m enrolled in classes that I’m paying for and even though there are many accessible and free places that I can learn about stocks or design, I’ve decided to take in person classes. When I graduated, I took one class on Peer Mental Health and when I finished it, I didn’t want to go back to school ever again. I thought that I could learn everything on the job and while this is true, the basics/ having a live critique for design is something I lack and actually crave in order to get better in design.

It didn’t make sense to me until right now that even though I’ve decided to reduce my hours, take a pay increase, but not make the same amount if I kept my regular pay and hours that it’s actually fine because it is an investment. An investment in education and more importantly, an investment in myself. When it comes to investing in stocks, people are actually investing a lot of their time in the form of money in order to reap large rewards in the future. In the same way, taking time away from my job/ having a reduction in pay will pay off in the future because I’ll have the confidence to explain my process and maybe have a full time job.

*note, I chose to live part time for the last year because I wanted to enjoy my time in NYC. It’s like being a freshman in college. You go out. Stay up light. Mess up. But you figure things out. Now that I have a better sense of this place/ have a small network, I’m able to go forward to where I want to be which is a full time graphic designer with a large knowledge of stocks who skateboards on the side.

For these designs, the constraints were 1 weight size, but 2 pt sizes