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Replace the voices in your head putting you down and replace them with voices that uplift

I’ve been watching a lot of self development videos from The Futur lately and these have been extremely helpful in keeping me motivated. There’s always something that Chris Do says that I’m able to write down and use as my mantra for that day. One of them that I like a lot is the one that is up above. Even though the only voice that is in my head is my own voice, it can also be the words of someone else. This goes a lot into psychology and how an individual is reared, but as a sociologist, (yes I have my BA in sociology so fight me and say I’m not a pro) I understand that the way people are today is based on the environment that they grew up in. If you come from a home where you were built up and taught to believe that you’re great, you probably believe that. Vice Versa, if you were put down at home, you probably have a negative outlook on yourself. Note that I say probably because there are many exceptions. But even then, I’m sure many people who are exceptions still have had to deal with words of other people in their head.

In short, from all this, the voice that’s in your head that’s saying those negative things, probably isn’t you saying that to yourself. It’s probably from the words from a traumatic experience like a bully or a parent saying something crude to you. Now what to do with those words/experiences is up to you. Many keep it with them and use it as an excuse. Many get angry and try to show that person wrong. In the past, I’ve used anger as my motivator to show someone that they were wrong about me. Recently, I’ve also learned that the motivator doesn’t have to be a positive one. The point is as long as you have one. But from The Futur, they suggest another option which is remove those negative voices and replace them with positive ones. This can mean making new friends that are positive or are where you want to be. It’s been said, you are the sum of the 5 friends that you hang out with the most. If you don’t think your friends are where you want to be, go out and find friends who are. They might just be up the street.

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