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Rather than perfection, go for quantity

It’s odd that it’s only the first time today that I’ve ever heard these words in a sentence. I feel like these words are the cheat codes for every athlete who has ever become a GOAT.

I’m still wrapping my head around this concept even though I only heard it a few hours ago from another friend who is a designer. We were talking about how I’m doing these designs just to get better and surprisingly, I do feel that I am getting better and have already been able to use some of the techniques from these layouts at work. However, when I told him how many designs I was making and how I thought to an extent it was somewhat of a waste, he calmly replied, “That’s what you’re supposed to do when you practice Type. Rather than perfection, go for quantity.”

I think I heard one time that Steph Curry before going to school when he was younger, he would shoot 500 free throw shots. It didn’t matter if he didn’t make them, he just had to do them. I can imagine that at first he probably didn’t make that many. But over time, the probability and his accuracy got better. I bet he even made all 500 at one point. Case point, keep shooting because over time, the hours of work put in will compound into something great. The important thing though is to actually start doing the work instead of laying around.

For these designs, the constraints were add rules (lines) and shapes