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20 Days of Typography, 10 more to go!

Essentially, I’ve done more than 2 weeks of this self study program. What you’ll see in this post is my progress now vs my starting point. It’s interesting because I feel like I haven’t really learned much, but I know I definitely have a better sense of laying type out on a page. I’m still not perfect and will definitely revisit this less once a month for at least a week’s worth of time. I definitely feel more comfortable putting type on the right side of the page instead of just aligning to the left. In the last 20 days since I got back to work, I feel excited and also not as scared to tackle projects. It’s amazing how a little bit of practice can make me feel more confident. It’s also interesting because I was always thinking that I was practicing at work and that it would be after this current job that I would get experience that I needed. However, I have enough experience, it’s just the matter of me sitting down and actually practicing and doing the work. I definitely want to keep this up because I just feel more motivated. I’m not as depressed as I was when I first started/ a few months ago. I knew I needed a goal, but even though I was setting SMART Goals, I just didn’t feel motivated to do so. When it’s just creating something every single day without fear of judgment and the only need to fulfill is to create, it’s relaxing, challenging, and fun.