bradley afroilan


We're in the surprise and delight business, not the people pleasing business

I’ve been listening a lot to James Victore lately. His framework of thinking has been very refreshing. To constantly think that my work is a gift to people is hard, but at the same time, the right thing to do. To remember that my work has a quick lifetime and will be forgotten quickly is both comforting and painful.

However, what’s hard to do is to put myself in the work. For the longest time, I’ve just been taking photos of other people and doing things for other people, that I never put myself in front of the camera. I like the fact that I can be known for my work behind the camera, but I think if I really want to make it, I’ll need to step in front of the camera. I hate saying this, but I need to own this in saying that I believe that I offer something valuable to the world. I just haven’t found my audience yet which is the problem.

Below is a quick zine that I threw together from the black and white photos that I have lying around. I already know that this isn’t going to do as well on instagram because it doesn’t have me in it on the front. It’s a photo that I shot. But I have to remember that I’m in the surprise and delight business, not the people pleasing business.

I’m not for everyone. But for the ones that I am for, this is who this is for.

Bradley Afroilan