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Each day you are reborn

I’ve said this before. Staying motivated is really hard especially as an introvert because I don’t hang out with a lot of people. That’s just how most designers are I guess. However, it’s nice to have the internet where people want to motivate you and help you be successful everyday. One of those people that I listen to is Darren Hardy and today’s message really helped kick me back into gear again which is great.

his message was about focusing on the present rather than the past. Stop looking into the rear view mirror or else you’re going to crash. When I combine this message with Chris Do’s message about critique which is when you release work into the world, you detach yourself from it and it no longer belongs to you. A mistake online doesn’t really make the biggest mark (unless your Trump :/)

Anywho, today was an interesting one because I made another skateboard zine. This time, with a lot of video in it which we’ll see how it does because people don’t usually like watching videos. However, when you make it integral into a story, I would hope that it would be important. However, if it doesn’t do well with respect to feedback and discovery, I can always try again.

Like when I started this blog, I’m learning how to fail sooner so that I can get to success quicker. I entered some work into an open call and did not get accepted. I kind of knew that I wasn’t going to get accepted, but hey, I made calculated risk and failed by only losing $35. It’s not that much. However, I decided to ask for feedback from them so that I could grow. I even said that I insisted on it since I don’t work with other “artists.” I say “artists” in quotation marks because I actually don’t really like the idea of art as much whereas I like design more. Art is subjective and meant to be interpreted. Design is objective and meant to be understood. I like design because you get to tell a story in minimal words for maximum impact.

As well, the washer and dryer in my place are broken. I’m a little mad because my clothes are still pretty wet and I’m hanging most of my t shirts from my doors and hangers, but it’s not too bad. I mean, it’s first world problem.

Below for this design, I decided to do a simple design where I cropped a part of the image as the focus and took another part of the same image and used it as the background. It’s nice to know that the same image always goes with itself/ compliments itself. By making these zines, I’m also learning how to write very succinctly which is exactly what I want to do. This does remind me that I haven’t read a book in a minute. Other news, I finished my economics class and got a 97 in it hahaha. But that doesn’t mean anything until I actually use it on the stock market.

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Bradley Afroilan