my initials are BA. stands for badass


New Year's Resolution. Nah, been on a resolution since I started this blog

In the past whenever someone would ask me what my resolutions were, I didn’t really have anything to say. However, I did commit to a project where I took a photo of myself every single day from Jan 2014 to Jan 2015. I think the reason why I did that was because I didn’t have pictures of myself because I never asked anyone to take photos of me. I never really feel that comfortable in photos, but lately, I’m feeling a lot more confident in who I am. I think it’s this design blog/ having to post and realizing that failure is inevitable, but should never be the end. Once that happens, it’s end game and I’ll be paralyzed.

2019, I think I’m going to try and just design something every single day. I think there will definitely be some misses because I might go on vacation or might not have internet service, but I just want to make something every single day. I want to produce 2 zines every single week. Post them up on Sunday and Wednesday. I want to shoot more film meaning I want to develop a roll of film a week. I don’t care if it costs me money, I just want to shoot more and keep producing. I don’t really have an end goal and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

My goal has just been to produce to get out of the phase of not producing. I’m almost at 2 months of doing this. I’ll be at 2 months on the 11th. The longest I ever did this for was Jan 18 to May 22 and then I think some more after that. Progress is never linear.

In the past, I used to write letters to myself. I think I should break with tradition and not do that today, but rather just go straight into this new year and make it the year that I actually accomplish some things such as going on more dates, finding more gigs, shooting more photos, actually learning how to use my film camera, and so much more. For now, a design a day is the goal. Consistency is key.

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Bradley Afroilan