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Got into DC. No wifi

Updating as soon as I get wifi. Got into DC and spending time with family. I made something, but don’t have wifi to upload.

Update 11:40pm

Got to the hotel with enough time to update this.

So I woke up today at 4:50am in order to get ready to leave for DC. Kind of nice, but also a little sad because I needed to leave Gemma behind. Gemma is my emotional support animal that I like to bring with me everywhere. However, since it’s such a short amount of time, I decided to just leave her behind with the care of my roommates and a good friend. So I left today and the subway was a little delayed over at like Bowling Green area and I was so annoyed because I don’t usually take the subway so my patience withers very quickly with the amount of time I have to wait on the subway. Also because the train I would’ve taken would take to long for me to get to where I needed to be. So I just hopped on the 5 train and was trying to figure out how to get to the Hudson. For some odd reason I thought I should get off at Grand Central and take the shuttle to Times Square and then walk to the Hudson, but then I realized I could take the 7 train to the 34 Hudson. So I took that and I didn’t realize how far underground it is because the elevator is like taking the tube in London. Anywho, took a minute to get onto the bus in the freezing brick. Got on the bus and was able to design this layout real quick. I even got to work a little bit on my adobe residency. Also, I got a meeting with a major figure in New York Skateboarding which was cool. I think it’s more of a mentorship type of thing so I’m happy.

Got to DC and it was funny, I was calling my dad and was waiting for a second and had to call my aunt to figure out that he was taking a shower. I decided to just take the metro and funny enough I had 20 bucks still on my card.

3 good things on 12/10

  1. Still got to design

  2. Saw my aunts (very happy to see them since I spent half of 2017 with them)

  3. Took a small nap

I guess I’m on vacation for a little bit which is nice. Also, never buy food from the more touristy areas because they’re just super expensive. $4 for a raisin bagel with butter and a water. Ridiculous, but I had no other choice. Tomorrow will be 2 months of making something every single day. It feels good and hopefully I can continue doing it.

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Bradley Afroilan