my initials are BA. stands for badass



I’m doing a lot better today. I listened to more James Victore today which helped kick me back into gear. He said a lot of things today in his videos such as Don’t listen tot he voices in your head that tell you to make nice work. No one will hear of you if you do that. He also said, “where your focus goes is where your goals are.”

Habits are human nature, how bout create some that make gold.

Something from Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do what’s right in your heart because you’re going to be criticized anyways.”

I need to start thinking higher of myself and my goals. Partially because I’ve just been thinking about instagram and getting big, but I think my goal should be moving towards getting discovered by the companies that I want to work with. I think I need to make stuff that is so cool that no matter what happens, people have to stop and look at it.

3 good things.

  1. Slept in/ laid in bed for a little bit

  2. Ate food

  3. Went on a date

Now I need to design my zine/ work on an application however, I’m also like, dang I need to hangout with my dog. I feel bad for Gemma because lately I’ve just been so focused on creating and going on dates, I’ve been slacking on running with her even though it’s only been a day since our run. However, we haven’t run 3 miles in awhile.

I’m going to DC in 2 days. I’m excited. I get to go out of the city for the first time in I think 2 months??? However, I’ve been okay with just creating something everyday and meeting up with people.

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Bradley Afroilan