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So much to do!

Jeezus. I just realized I haven’t watched a typography video today or yesterday. Well, reasons why. I went out and then I’ve been making another zine.

I feel like I get way too caught up in posting for instagram. I also just got connected to a major figure in nyc skateboarding so I wanted this to be on my instagram so when they look at it, they’ll see that I do some cool work around skateboarding. That I produce everything. However, I’m also coming to terms that as soon as I share, it’s just work and that I go immediately into the feedback and the research section. If anything, I get more profile visits on my page which is what I actually want. I just need to start tagging the right people.

3 good things

  1. Learned how to get my bike in wheelie position (super psyched on this). I was biking in the street today nearby my apt and was just like, how come I’ve never tried to do this before in my life. So I tried to do it and I got the wheel to pop up and I realized I needed to just start pedaling). So I bike all the way to work and am at a dead street right before my office and I try it again with the small knowledge that I have and I get the front wheel off the ground and I got to pedal forward a little bit. I fell. However, super psyched though. I got to prospect park and just started trying to do wheelies. Several times the seat came out from under me, but I got into the wheelie position. I’m super stoked because I’mma have this down in 2 weeks

  2. I got a connection to a major figure in skateboarding here. Really exciting. Like super stoked.

  3. My dad flew safely over to DC. I need to pack.

So today has been a very good day. The one small bummer was that I didn’t get my film developed. As it turns out, I accidentally gave them an empty canister. I remember why that happened because it was the canister from the last roll that I accidentally exposed to light. I didn’t know that both of them were in my camera pouch.

Anywho, I need to pack.

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Bradley Afroilan