bradley afroilan

Full Bio

Hello Again!


I'm currently the Digital and Design Assistant at the Fresh Air Fund, a nonprofit that brings low-income youth into the country side for a Fresh Air Summer at camp or the home of a volunteer host family. I also create content for the Harold Hunter Foundation, a skateboard nonprofit that transforms the lives of low income skaters in NYC through the power of skateboarding.

 My creative approach—to any medium—is to be patient, observant, and intentional. I understand that design is a process that takes time and some trials before the final design is produced. This is why at the start of every project, I ask specific, intentional questions about audience and aesthetic to research and understand the message and goals of the people I work with. 

Design is not just a product—Design is a process where I create not only something beautiful, but also a human relationship with my client.

Ultimately, my goal is to create something that you love and something that I am proud to make.

Now for some personal details~

Repping hella hard from the Left coast in the San Francisco Bay Area, I graduated from UC Berkeley with Honor's in Sociology. During my time at Berkeley, I ran cross country with the Strawberry Canyon Track Club, participated in electing the 14th Pilipino Community Endorsed Senator to the ASUC Senate, and advocated for the uplifting of students of color on campus through an organization called Art for Social Change. I am most proud of originating the "#RENAMEBARROWSHALL" Campaign which used guerilla art to educate the student population about the controversial history of Barrow’s Hall and influenced the Senior Administration to review all campus buildings' names. (Read more here)

On the side, I skateboard whenever I get the chance, run with my Siberian Husky, and hack away at a large list of side projects that keep growing. 


B.A. Sociology
UC Berkeley, 2016