bradley afroilan

Post College


yes, so i missed a day.
it's because we don't have internet yet.
at first i freaked out when i remembered my blog, but then i remembered, if the goal of this blog is to show some struggle of post grad, not having internet (despite being a first world problem) is a struggle especially when you're trying to apply to jobs.

currently, i'm at my old apartment where i'm using the internet to type this up before i forget.
yesterday, i moved everything out, the only things that remain in this old apartment are two chairs, a glass, and a flower.

i'll come back tomorrow a little bit later in the day in order to clean some more, but i'm pretty much done.

up above are also instructions that i laughed really hard out. my roommate asked me when i came back, to help him with the assembling of his desk.  i fell asleep because i was so tired.

however, when the instructions say two people, usually, one has to listen.
part of "adulting" is following instructions sometimes

Bradley Afroilan