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Post College


a grad photo that i shot and edited for a friend

a grad photo that i shot and edited for a friend

Today, I went to a coffee shop on Dwight.

i sat there and just edited photos and worked on my photoshop skills.

i should have been applying to more jobs, but I know I needed to work on my skills first.

surprisingly, it's pretty easy if you have a good idea for art and design.

fortunately, I know that I have a good eye.

an eye for art and design, maybe, but I think mine is okay.

my roommate and I have been trying to find love in our generation's way.

dating apps.

it's a very messy process.

not sure where will end up, but it's been fun living with my roommate because we actually wrote letters to ourselves predicting what we would be doing in a year.

it was really nice because we both shared about our hopes for the future.

we're hiding them in our closet and we will read them in a year.

i edited a bunch of photos today.

it's nice that I've taken so many over the years that I just get to practice.

T the same time, I'm not as depressed anymore.

maybe it's the distance from my first love and actually being able to heal properly with people.

or maybe it's the fact that I'm realizing I might have been just used and that I'm actually feeling something different.

but I always go back to Nayyirah Waheed who talks of how one can have multiple soulmate a and it could be for a month, a lifetime or five lifetimes.

whatever it is, I should treat it as it is and let it go as it came so that I can become softer and know what love is.

i don't know, but we'll see~

Bradley Afroilan