my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


Today was the first day of actual work

it's strange to be in an environment again where I'm not terequird to do a lot of work.

it's also nice because I've been working so hard the last four years.

it's strange to have a drastic change of pace though.

it was kind of like a mortuary yesterday because there were barely any kids who came to the program.fortunately, some did come for lunch and some did come for activities which was the mos important thing.

following work yesterday, I got coffee with a friend from poetry for the people.

she's about to leave for Malaysia and we never actually hung out during P4p except for class.

we talked about a bunch of things.

life after college, what did we learn from college (in and out of the academic setting), if we wrote any poems, what we like about Berkeley, what we don't, what we'll miss.

but something that struck me was how I felt that she mastered bell hook's central act of loving which is being alone.

she said her favorite place to be on campus was in the libraries but not to study, just to be alone but still feel around people.

i said to her, you mastered bell hooks.

she then replied, but  being alone can be addicting.

still with everything in the world, some form of balance has to exist even though balance doesn't mean change but means staying the same.

one other thing she said that I really liked was that the world was infinitely complicated and infinitely creative.

we didn't really hangout for too long, I might not see this friend again for awhile, but this was nice.

as well, all before this, I had an interview to be a social media intern for a nonprofit called partnership for trauma recovery. I might be doing some graphic design work for them in the near future~

Bradley Afroilan