warrior's game
we went out
my housemates and me
never done this type of thing before
some things that i've never done in college
never had time since i was so focused on school

it's nice though
a new environment
but the warrior's lost
i'm only bummed because it's bay area
i'm not a sports fan
but on the way home
we talked about how the game was rigged
how the family of the warriors wasn't allowed in
until 2 hours later
how there's some much drama on the courts
how it's just a game

but it's not
it's the livelihood of some people
but it comes at the expense of black bodies
being commodified on the screen

more and more i have to ask
what is the purpose of being here
why are things so complicated

post grad is metaphored through the NBA finals
ups and downs
wins and loses
a lot of questions
a lot of time


a lot of falling asleep while doing work