bradley afroilan

Post College


another full week of work ahead
my housemate asked me today
what did you learn
i learned
don't play monopoly with kids
monopoly teaches kids to want money
that winning in life means to have the most money
to take money from others

my housemates and i are currently listening to chance's new album
well actually
all of his albums
but coloring book
is the album of the house
it's nice because we know all the songs
we all start singings
the sounds run on the walls
kiss our ears
bring us together

healing to an extent has been these great friends
healing has kind of been distractions for me
healing has been forgetting

i'm a bit sad about that though
i don't want to forget
there's just something about some people
that i can't forget

there are some people that i don't really care about though
one thing i've learned
be kind to everyone
i don't have to like everyone

Bradley Afroilan