bradley afroilan

Post College


These posts are actually a lot harder than I thought it would be.
During The Last Semester,
it was a lot easier because I had more time and was more devoted to doing this.
It's strange though.
I say this because my friend who inspired me to even start these projects said that it would be easier to post and do things.
However, I keep having to remind myself that creativity too needs a break.
I was in a different state of mind during my other Blog.
Depression, Anxiety, and Creativity were always with me.
Right now, Depression and Anxiety aren't with me right now.
I think that might be because of living with friends who always want to do something.
It's been helpful.
However, making new things has been kind of hard.
I ran into my friend the Lawyer at the gym the other day.
He asked me if my creativity is still going.
I said it was because I've been making a pamphlet/brochure for a nonprofit for the last week.
However, I haven't exactly been taking time to be creative for me.
I like being creative, but when it's in the context of work, it's starting to change a bit.

Bradley Afroilan