my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


My house went to Corgicon today.
There were corgi's everywhere.
Unfortunately, being there made me think about my first love a lot.
Something about dogs just rushes back a lot of memories into my head.
It's a bit frustrating a lot of times, but moving hard is still rather difficult.
There are some people that I just cut out for personal reasons.
And then there is just one person that I don't want to forget just because of the lessons I've learned.
It's a strange grey area to be in.
A lot of times, I blame what love looks like in the media to be the standard of what love is.
I don't believe in love on the TV screens.
Love doesn't look like that.

I also hung out with a close friend.
I "kidnapped" and when I say kidnap, I mean I picked him up in an agreed upon location at an agreed upon time and took him back to my house to eat food and talk.
So I just joked about kidnapping my close friend.
It's always nice to catch up with people becuase I love listening.
As nayyirah waheed says

I love listening. It's the one space where you can be still and be moved at the same time~

Bradley Afroilan