bradley afroilan

Post College


Every single day is a bit exciting.
Every single day is also a bit of a low.
There's a lot of uncertainty going on right now.
I'm feeling a lot like a broken record.
I went to Thai Temple with my housemates.
It's turning into a Sunday Tradition.
Immediately after, I went back to San Jose to get some maintenance on my car.
However, I ended up sitting at a Peet's Coffee, doing some graphic design work, and watching an old TV show I used to watch when I was younger.
I was waiting for my Aunt to call me so that I could visit her and as well to do some laundry.
Unfortunately, she was accommodating her friends from Reno for the whole day.
This is the first time I've been alone in awhile.
Anxiety still bubbles inside of me unfortunately because I think of the fact that I'm still not stable.
Stable with respect to a job specfically.
Stable with respect to getting to where I want to be in Art Therapy and Psychology.
I know that this is a transition period and that I'll be in transition for awhile, but I don't like transitions.
It's hard to deal with, but I still think of what my cousin said to me about how life can't stay still.
I guess that also means that life can't be stable.
Life has to keep moving or else it's just done.

Bradley Afroilan