my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College



I decided that I'm going to try something a little new with my body with respect to working out.
My body is getting old.
I hate to face this fact.
In about 20 days, I'm going to be 22.
It's a bit weird to say 22 because I've been saying twenty fun for the last year.
But anyways, I'm trying to run every other day because by giving my body a break every day, I get rest, but also I get this antsy anticipation inside that gets me a little bit more excited and psyched to run.

Work went by very slow today.
Unfortunately, no one came for activities yesterday.
I ended up finishing a book that I had just picked up again.
It feels good to read again.
I've forgotten what it feels like to read a book for pure pleasure.

Following work, I went to my internship where I do graphic design work.
I'm going to assume that in most graphic design positions, there is going to be redrafting and scratching of past pieces.
It hurts a lot, but at the same time, it's good experience for me to be calm, cool, and collected.
I learned this from my tattoo artist.
I had him work for a few extra hours and then ended up switching to a very simple design.
In the end, I loved/love the design of a simple rose to represent my mother.
In the same way, I try to bring this with artistry, especially when working with others.

Afterwards, once again, I was at a vigil for Black Lives Matter.
It's a powerful space to remind me that there is a lot of work to be done, but there are a lot of people who do care.
It was nice to run into some familiar faces as well.
One thing I'll take away from yesterday's vigil were two stories
One story of a womxn telling about her brother's encounter with the police and how their parents instruction in dealing with cops saved his life.
Another was a poem by a young man who talked about how he had no more tears because he's shed them all for the past Black Lives and he hopes that there are still tears for him.
Tears for him if what, you ask?
Tears for him if he is gunned down by the police.
That's real.

Bradley Afroilan