bradley afroilan

Post College


today was pretty tiring.
I had work and my internship and I had a hangout with a close friend.
Days are just blending more and more.
At work, I don't remember what happens because there are so many activities that we do with the youth.
It's nice to hangout and just do arts and crafts because all they want to do is play.
However, rushing to my internship right after has been kind of hard and it stinks that I don't have the best break. 
I'm learning a lot about internships and non profits.  
It seems to be very stressful for the folks who are doing this new non profit.

I had a good conversation with my close friend today.
We watched Fullmetal Alchemist which was great because I've realized that I relate a lot to many of the characters.
Almost all the Disney main characters are missing a parent.
Like in the Anime I'm watching again right now, I don't have a mother.
It's nice to know that someone out there thinks like me or has experienced something similar.

Bradley Afroilan