bradley afroilan

Post College


I had a dream of my mother last night.
I haven't dreamt of her since I was a student at UCSB which was a little more than 2 years ago.
It's a rarity to have a dream of her.
I think it's becuase I was triggered by an episode of Fullmetal last night which was able to open some gate in my head to let my mom visit me.
The main protagonist, Edward Elric talks about how when he had to kill someone who looked like his mother, a kid next to him was bawling and shedding tears while he couldn't even cry.
A lot of times, I feel that way.
Whenever I think of my mom, I always feel like everyone expects me to be sad.
But for some odd reason, I'm not sad.
But anyways, my dream about my Mom.
I didn't see her face.
But I felt her presence and I knew it was her.
It's an amazing thing though becuase dreams a lot of times are recollections of memories.
I know that this dream was a certain memory mixed with many other things becuase when I hugged her, it wasn't me towering over her, it was her towering over me.
This means that the dream was a memory of when I was still a lot shorter than her.
Regardless, it was nice to see her.
The fact that she was happy in this dream meant that my family is doing well right now.
The most funny thing was that my dad was dressing up to see his wife again.
It was a very nice sight to see in my dream.

Bradley Afroilan