bradley afroilan

Post College


I fell asleep watching fullmetal alchemist at a friends house. The night before, we went to a networking event with Pilipinos who have graduated from Berkeley several years ago. It was a great event. I accomplished my goal of getting one business card.
To me, a sign of success is being able to connect with one person at the event and I got really lucky.
I met an older womxn who for some odd reason, I knew in my gut, was going to be very kind and there was going to be a good connection. At first, I didn't think I was going to be able to talk with her, but Ate Charity, one of the main organizers, told me to go sit next to her. She asked a friend and me what we were up to and when it got to me, the conversation just kept flowing. The conversation ended with her giving her business card to me which was great which was my goal.  I just have to follow up.
Anywho, my sister likes to say about people who want to help us as people that our mother send to us. When I was a student at UCSB, I used to not have to pay for lunch because there was someone who would always give me food at lunch time for free.  Although this person did this for a lot of people, I knew I had a special connection with this person because they were so sad to see me transfer and go to Berkeley. People come for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. This person came for many seasons and even came back into my life for a reason when I went back to visit UCSB. I like to think how my sister thinks.
It's a nice way of thinking that Mom is still taking care of us.

For this Saturday, I ended up catching up with a friend from UCSB. He was my next door neighbor my first year at SB. It's funny how our friendship is ike a succulent, it doesn't need that much tending in order to stay alive.  We watched the Conjuring 2 and there was a part where the main villain reveals themselves and the funny thing is that the villain is a demon nun.  As soon as my friend sees that figure, he whispers to me,
"Excuse me sir, do you have time to talk about our lord and savior"
I instantly started cracking up. It's surprising how in a scary movie, I've learned how to laugh.
Emotions are supposed to be felt. Fear is an emotion I and many people don't do well with. As well, there are some health risks to experiencing fear a bit too much. But sometimes, fear is an emotion that is a welcomed emotion especially when it comes to anxiety and depression. To think , that being scared would be accepted because it gets rid of anxiety and depression.

Bradley Afroilan