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The Last Semester


how was the career fair, bradley?


i'm not sure how to explain it. i went to bed and i woke up thinking,
what are these recruiters going to think of me?

1) he's a brown
2)he's some kind of asian (....i'm pilipinx)
3) he's not experienced
4) he doesn't fit the role

i might be thinking too much into it.
but i'm not.
i know i don't fit the mold.
i don't fit into the business casual suit jacket of professionalism which is a western construct and standard.

i am a student of color, but i gladly and proudly claim this identity.

i know that i come from a privileged background where i've been able to have dress clothes, but dressing to impress only reminds me of class barriers that push low income working class folx, especially people of color, down and out of the job.

this was my first career fair and while many of the organizations were supposed to be focusing on public service, i saw more marketing and business groups.
i gave my resume to a few folx, but after feeling like the recruiter at the last organization i talked to just took my resume out of pity, i felt a bit defeated and out of place.

there's a definite need for me as a fourth year in my last semester to get a job when many folx already have full time positions lined up after college.  but i have to think about the organizations that showed up and think of how they have the money to recruit and i also have to think that just because the career counselors say to go, i shouldn't go just because "it's the thing to do."
though it's an experience with a few deltas, it's a learning one that has made me realize that the organizations there might not exactly be the ones for me.

there are tons of organizations out there that fit what i want to do.  i got recommended a few today such as APEN and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

career fairs aren't a waste of time despite the challenges that are set up even before i step in the door, but they're worth going to because i'm fairly certain i've found what i'm passionate about.

for me, i know it's somewhere in social justice~

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