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The Last Semester


i'm really tired. i don't know why. i had a good conversation with a friend today. i told him everything that i wrote about yesterday. he said that i should make a comic about my emotions as children. it was really nice. one of the things he said to me is that it would be cool to see them grow up in this comic. i'm really glad that i compared my emotions to children because this is the first time i'm ever feeling some of them. it's going to be great when they grow up or rather mature a little bit so that they can tell me what they need rather than just yell in my face about them. 

i'm not really sure what anger is trying to tell mie. i know that if anger doesn't want to be angry, i just go skateboarding. i landed an impossible today which was hella awesome. the board didn't wrap around my foot exactly, but it still felt and looked pretty cool.

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