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The Last Semester


the concept for this design actually came from a reiteration of a quote from a friend. the quote went along the lines, "when people go to college, they want to save the world. But what if that world is just one person. what if that person could be you?"
i saw a tattoo of an eye ball one day and was fascinated by it so i traced it by eye and then drew a triangle around it because apparently, anything with a triangle behind it just makes it really cool.  i don't know why it just does.
any who, i added some flowers because it needed something and because flowers just happen to be my thing for this year.
i went home today. something about getting out of the berkeley bubble/pressure cooker just does wonders. seeing my dad is always nice and asking him about my mom is even better. i asked him what he did he love the most about her/ what does he miss the most about her. he said her personality and her companionship, respectively. 
it's strange. i can't really remember my mom like in my memory. i can't remember her face. i can only remember the things i did with her. if i try to remember her face, the only images i see are the ones i picked for facebook or instagram.
i feel like i'm trying to put a puzzle together of who she was even though i knew her, but i didn't really know her or have the conversations that i would have liked to have with her.
a lot of times i just feel like i'm writing about someone who didn't exist. my memory of her is starting to fade. sometimes, i don't even know why i try to write.

in other news, my friend and i made it in the Contra Costa Times about renaming Barrows Hall.
check it

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