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The Last Semester


i got a tattoo today. it was a really great experience. i almost wish that it was a bit longer than it was. originally i was supposed to get a mandala, but i ended up just getting a rose. as with most of the things in my life, simple is better. i know that i'm going to get one more tattoo before i graduate.

i don't want to show my tattoo just yet though. i'd rather take the time to appreciate my dad and my sister. my dad drove all the way from san jose to not even watch me get my tattoo. he just drove up to sit with me for two hours. i would have loved for him to be with me while i got tattooed, but maybe this time wasn't the right one. it's funny. his more new car broke down before driving to SF and he had to take his first car in the US when he immigrated over to get to SF.

my sister is really great. as i've gotten older and been able to relate to her more and be more open about things, our relationship as brother and sister has just gotten better. i often times take my sister for granted. but i'm trying to learn ways in which i don't take her for granted. she practically raised me, and a lot of times i'm not quite sure how to ever repay her for all the great things she's done. a thank you suffices, but i never feel like it is enough. she always takes me out for food and she's always prepared.  i mean today i broke out in hives. i didn't even know what hives looked like. she had medicine on hand which was great. she also bought me ice cream too. i also forget our family motto is, "let's go eat ice cream."

to pops and manang. love you too. thank you for being here.

Bradley Afroilan