my initials are BA. stands for badass
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The Last Semester


a good friend with his new turtle pillow pet, mitchell. i bought mitchell at the dollar store may weeks ago

friends are so crucial for self-care. self-care is often seen as an individualized thing, but for a lot of people, i think self-care has to be facilitated through others. even the act of just hanging out with someone is a form of self-care now that i think about it. my friend up above is one of those people that i'm grateful for because he always offers to let me come by and hang out with him at his place. i really appreciate that since i live in a small studio apartment. it's nice to get out and hang out with other people. i always thought that's what i'd be able to do in college, like have other people around. but sadly, it just didn't happen this year. but summer time and after college is always a possibility. 

i'm going hiking in the redwoods again, but in oakland with another good friend. getting out of berkeley has become like my favorite thing, but it definnitely is taking a bit of a toll on my thesis. but i know i'll get it done. i just need to get back into school mode, but always remembering self-care is a priority too.

come through to APIISERIES: APIs in Action: Allyship & Self-Care. it's a week long event the office that i work in is putting on. 

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