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The Last Semester


to my cousin
who takes me to lunch
tells me stories about my late mom
helps me retrace
fading lines of her narrative in my head
also fills in blank areas about who she was
thank you~

i often times forget that it's not just my dad and sister who have memories about my mom. there are many people who do. my cousin helped me remember who she was. she told me a story about the day before she passed. she was teling me how she was writing to everyone and asking to see if i was going to pass my reading exams. i had a speech impediment when i was younger. it's funny how she was worried about me despite the fact that she was in the ICU. my eyes started to sweat and laugh. it's nice to hear things about her again. how she was a little nutty. how beautiful she was. how close she was to my cousin's mom. how close we are. how hard working my mother was. how hardworking my sister and i are.

today was also nice. i was able to get a free haircut in exchange for my poem about disability. i was on my way to world cuts to get a haircut when i saw over in chavez, barber shop downstairs 105. i went downstairs to investigate. low and behold, there was a barber shop with free haircuts for the community.  it was put on by i think the african american student development. it was a beautiful space. my eyes tasted patience in the hands of the barbers as they took care of all of their clients. how exact and precise they were. how much they cared in the details. it was really a beautiful thing.

though, yes, i took up some space in a black space, i'm glad that i was invited to do some poetry.

Ase and One Love~

Bradley Afroilan