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The Last Semester


i never really have pictures of me skateboarding. this is a very simple picture of me about to do an ollie. my friend took this photo. 
i've been skating a lot more lately and it's nice because there are some first and 2nd years who are always skating when i'm skating.  it reminds me of my youth when i was always skating with my friend julian. it's nice to have someone give you trick tips too and being able to give tirick tips on tricks you learned in the last month.
it's sad because these are the last few weeks of being able to do this freely without having to worry.
my thesis is almost done. i just have to rewrite like everything. i need to go to sleep soon though. i feel like i should just push through, but i know it's not a good idea. 
still trying to learn the balance between taking care of myself and getting work done. 

Bradley Afroilan