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Because a Summer Can Last A Lifetime Tote Bag

The Fresh Air Fund

The Mission
Much of The Fresh Air Fund’s success is accredited to our wonderful volunteers who provide a myriad of services such as hosting, photography, and mentoring. To say thank you our volunteers and let them know how valuable they are, we decided to give tote bags to them so that they can always carry a bit of summer with them wherever they go.

The Outcome
For this fun project, I modeled a design that was made for our Annual Report, but inverted the color scheme and chose a heavier weight of our brand font in order to highlight our new slogan.


The Impact
By providing these tote bags as a gift to our wonderful volunteers, we are able to strengthen our relationship with volunteers, retain them for future years, and also increase our visibility as other people will see these bags in the public domain.

Brand Strategy
Identity Design

The Process:

Volunteers make up the backbone of The Fresh Air Fund. Without them, our summer programs would not be successful. Our appreciation and thanks is the least we can give to our volunteers, but is not always limited to that. To show our appreciation and build rapport, we created tote bags with our new slogan to give to our volunteers so that they can always carry some summer with them.


Modeling a recent design

As a whole, the Fresh Air Fund’s Communications Department and Development Department decided to use our recent Annual Report’s layout, but didn’t just want to throw the design on the bag. We also really wanted our new slogan to be highlighted which is why I exchanged the color of the font for the color of the gradient. The gradient background is a nice touch, but would be a unnecessary block of color on a white tote bag.

The Annual Report is a clean design that uses the “cut up words” trend, but only works when it bleeds on the page. While we could have done that with the tote bag, as designer, I tested it and felt that the words would be stretched too far and the message would be lost.

Scale it down, but make it Heavier.

To modify the Annual Report Design, I decided to scale down the size of the typography to make our slogan more compact and legible. The original font, Gotham Book, would have been a great choice to go with, but we wanted our slogan to be very visible. To accomplish this, I increased the weight of the Gotham Typeface to Gotham Bold to make the slogan easier to read. Using Gotham Bold also allows the colors of the gradient to be seen since it’s wider than its lighter sibling, Gotham Book.


Options, Options, but.

We came out with 2 designs using Gotham Bold - one with a gradient box around the text and one without it. We went with the one without the box because we felt the box detracted from our slogan instead of added.


A Bag of Summer.
Volunteers now have a bag that they can use to carry their belongings and also proudly showcase their affinity with The Fresh Air Fund. We’re also able to give them a token or rather a “bag” of our appreciation.

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