my initials are BA. stands for badass



3 good things

  1. Working on Puma

  2. Biked into work today/ had a really nice bike ride home

  3. we got the apartment

I just hope I can get a job soon. Please universe, just send me the right thing right now. I’m trying, but I need help.

Bradley Afroilan
another year mock cover.jpg

3 Good things

  1. My co workers Lizzy and Suarez got me cupcakes and a fruit tart

  2. Dinner and a movie with Rogelio and Sandi

  3. Did a presentation today for Puma

Reflecting on being 25. It’s a nice odd number. I was about to say even. It’s a nice whole number sounds better.

Bradley Afroilan
another year closer to death-02.JPG

3 good things

  1. Work

  2. John telling me he’s trying to help me stay

  3. Pretty sure we got the place

Bradley Afroilan
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3 good things

  1. Lots of work today. Men’s Wearhouse, Bojangles, Puma, and Lowes

  2. Guarantors are saying that I qualify

  3. Had a phone interview screening.

Didn’t really practice typography today, but worked a lot on different projects mocking things up. I had a phone screening for an interview which I was really happy about.

I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair again. Maybe dying the ends of my hair.

We’ll see. I’m looking forward to things again. It’s wild how yesterday was so hard and now today was so good. I’m hoping this vibe continues. I really do. I hope we can get this apartment. I hope that this job turns out in my favor.

Bradley Afroilan