my initials are BA. stands for badass


a sunset I wish we didn't see

I know there are probably a lot of people who love to watch the sunset and I’m one of those people. But some sunsets, I wish my eyes never tasted them. If you’re not sure what I’m referencing, I’m referencing when someone passes away. If you look on some gravestones, a sunrise represents someone’s birth and a sunset refers to someone’s passing.

Back in 2002, my family lost our mother on this day. There’s no need to go that much into detail about it because I’ve already worked out a good majority of that trauma and because after 16 years, it’s just another day. When I first started working on my trauma 2 years ago, it was really hard for me to understand why I never could feel an emotion when I thought about my mom, but felt so worked up about a short term relationship. With some help, I found that my frustration is called complicated grief. What helped was skateboarding a lot and also getting a tattoo of my mother’s favorite flower, a pink rose. However, 2 years later, I still look at that tattoo every day, but I don’t really think of my mother still. It’s almost as if I wasted money and my skin (haha). But that’s not the point. Even though it doesn’t hurt as much as when I was younger, I think I’ve finally outgrown those feelings and don’t feel as frustrated. Sure with time, my wounds heal because I will outlive those painful experiences and replace them with better ones and sure I might forget over time, but the point is I’m alive, my family is well, and I’m still chasing my dream of recognition.

For these designs, I copied the layout in the slide if you press the next button. The parameters were to create a design that uses rules and shapes so I can still interpret this as trying to copy other people’s work to see how other designers design and as well, just improve by copying. There’s nothing wrong with copying because it’s like cooking as Chris Do says. I want to taste the original many times before so that I know what works and then eventually branch off and make my own dishes.