my initials are BA. stands for badass


Tired of saying, "One day, I'll..."

I’m 24.

To most people, that’s a pretty young age. To me, that’s 6 years before 30.

The kids that I hang around through the Harold Hunter Foundation are between the ages of 13-20. Most of them don’t think of me as old, but it’s pretty wild to think that I’m 11 years older than the youngest and that I’ve been alive longer than these really talented kids. Most of them are on their way to doing what they want to do.

Me, I’m still chasing because I’m not focused.

Now this isn’t a pity story. I’m not asking for anyone’s pity or validation to make me feel better about myself. This post is my declaration that I’m making that “One day” today and everyday by making something every single day for however long.

As I do these designs everyday and track my progress in my Notes app, I’m seeing the progress and am actually very excited to be done with these self studies for Typography for a little bit. I’m thinking of coming back to this every single month for a week. What I’m more excited about is finally just doing the designs and the things that I want, but it’s always important to go over the basics and fundamentals which is why I’m doing these self studies.

Having a strong background knowledge is important so that I can break the rules later. The first step for me is to keep making something every single day. I don’t care if it’s not a master piece. It’s about quantity, not perfection ever actually. As Seth Godin says, “You can never overcome perfection, but you can dance with it.” It’s kind of a good analogy. Perfection is an instructor who I can never be like, but I can strive to model them. I’m going to fail, but small calculated failures is what will make learn and get better. Over time, and here’s the corny part, I’ll learn from Perfection what is good design and what is bad design and actually be able to describe why. All that matters is that I keep trying, be confident in myself, and try not to project other’s feelings onto me. Half of the time, those people don’t even know I’m in the room and are busy dealing with their own issues.

For these designs, I copied the layout in the slide if you press the next button. The parameters were to create a design that uses two weights and two point sizes.

There’s nothing wrong with copying because it’s like cooking as Chris Do says. I want to taste the original many times before so that I know what works and then eventually branch off and make my own dishes.