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3 words to motivate: You're gonna die

This past weekend, I went out and spent some time with some friends. It was a great time besides the fact that I got a flat tire while I was biking over to my friend’s place. While it was a bummer for a little bit, it was nice to ride the subway with friends going home. However, it took me so long to get home that the next day, I didn’t do much except design one thing, take a nap, clean the kitchen, and eat. Today is Monday and I feel a bit stressed out. However, I woke up and watched a video from The Futur and Darren Hardy again and it’s always nice to have someone be there, even if they’re not physically there, tell me good things to clean my brain so that I can restart again. It was 3 words that really got me: You’re gonna die.

To explain even further, death is the mother of invention. Stop being afraid to put something out. Learn to live with that fear because the quicker you learn to fail, the quicker you learn to succeed. There might be many losses over time, but the small wins will be big enough to compensate for those losses.

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Bradley Afroilan