my initials are BA. stands for badass


Making yourself happy is sexy

For the last 29 days, I’ve been training my brain to rethink a few things.

One thing is rethinking that my art isn’t good enough, but rather to think that my art is a gift.

Now this isn’t my idea. This is the idea of James Victore and I like this idea, not because it is pretentious, but rather because it goes back to the basics.

My art is a gift to myself. Not to anyone else.

Anything that I make is for me. It doesn’t matter what other people think. If they vibe with it, that’s great. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter. As a designer, I’m not for everyone. However, I should be for myself.

Anything that I make, I should love in some sense. If I know that it needs improvement, then that is perfectly fine. I can take a critique, but I already know that I need to improve. Instead of wasting time idling with the thoughts of another person, it should be focused on the next project. The life span of something that I make isn’t that long nowadays. It’s a day at best with the rise of social media. This gives me even more of an opportunity to keep creating until I figure out what works and what doesn’t work. It’s not about perfection in the beginning. It’s all about quantity.

Keep trying because no one will remember what you did yesterday or last week. Not even you.

It’s nice to know that my most recent work does not define me. It shouldn’t define me. I’m not as good as my last piece of work. I think about the compounding effect in which these small steps will compound into something greater if I keep doing it.

29 days ago, my designs were very simple. I didn’t understand why I did certain things, why I should set type in a particular way, and why i shouldn’t set type in a certain way. Now I know better. Still a lot to learn, but now I know.

These are 2 weights and 1 point size

Bradley Afroilan