my initials are BA. stands for badass


Wealth is a state of mind and state of being, not your wallet

I’m coming to the close of my personal finance class. To be honest, I’m not sure if I know more than what I learned right before I took the class. Actually, that’s a lie as I write this. I now know about different resources such as investopedia and morningstar which are great places to look at in order to figure out what mutual funds that I want to invest in.

I talked with one of my bosses yesterday about a 401k. It’s funny because I watched a video the other day about how we’re trained to seek security from school. My 20s is supposed to be the time that I’m the most risky when it comes to investments and some life choices. SOME. There are some life choices where you gotta be completely safe like sex.

Anywho. I got 2 years before I hit 26 which means I won’t have health insurance through my Dad. That means that I need to get a full time at that time or at least figure out what I need to ensure that I don’t die hahah. There are several things that I’ve read from some books that I know that I could buy such as a high deductible plan, but I’m still not the most well read in that because I’ve been focused on learning about stocks.

This year. This coming year. 2019. I’m going to make whatever shit I want happen. I’m tired of waiting and waiting for someone else to do it for me. The life boat ain’t coming to rescue me. It’s sink or swim right now. The fact that I’m going to die one day and who knows, that could even be tomorrow or even tonight. If that doesn’t motivate, I don’t know what will. At least for me this keeps lighting a fire underneath me to keep trying harder.

I’m definitely wealthy. I’m broke too. Broke is temporary. Poor is a state of mind. Wealth is a state of mind. Health is my wealth. The fact that I’m designing every day. That I write 3 good things that happen every day.

  1. Designed

  2. subway ride home was super quick. Caught all the transfers/incoming trains

  3. Ate cookies

Pretty good 3 things that happened to me today.

I’m definitely wealthy. I may not be rich with a lot of material possessions, but with what I do have, it’s pretty good. I just want to make sure that future me is a lot better than present me with respect to personal finance though.

Bradley Afroilan