my initials are BA. stands for badass


The degree you have hanging on your wall was deemed irrelevant 18 months after graduating

I was making dinner today and I was thinking about how much has happened in the last couple of weeks with this new habit of making something every single day and being a bit more focused on investing. It’s not exactly the investing that I want to be doing which is speculative investing, it’s more of the focus of education on myself right now. I was thinking about how 2 years ago I was really sad, heartbroken, and was about to start my final semester in college. I look at myself now and I compare myself and I don’t really recognize that person 2 years ago. It kind of helps that I have long hair and that I live in a different city, but jeez, I’m really happy with how different I am from 2 years ago. However, I say this every day, it’s hard to stay motivated. It’s almost as if I need someone to say something to me/ watch a motivational video to keep me going. I almost didn’t want to design, but fortunately, I just force myself to do so.

I bring up my past right now because I’ve gone on several dates within the last few weeks. 2 years ago, I was just completely heartbroken and was on a path to learn to love and appreciate myself. I think I’m finally at that stage and I don’t get really bogged down on getting rejected not because I don’t want to feel the pain, but because I’m also learning how to date. To put it more clearly, I know that there are plenty of people who do want to date me. Like I said in the past it’s important to learn to fail early and to fail soon so that I can learn to be successful. The point is to keep going, be consistent, and don’t worry about the small things. Mistakes happen. Life’s messy. Just keep going.

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Bradley Afroilan