my initials are BA. stands for badass


Last post? Kind of ish??

I started this typography blog back on November 11th, 2018 in order to keep track of my progress learning typography and to hold myself accountable in creating something every single day. At first, I only wanted to do this for a month. When I made it to a month, I decided to keep going. Now I’ve made it to 2 months and 9 days. Originally, I was going to go all the way to January 31st which would be my half birthday at 24 1/2 and would also mark 80 days meaning 2 40 day design challenges.

I’ve realized a few things during this time

It takes about 2 months for me to get burnt out.

The amount of time it will take for me to recover? I’m not entirely sure.

There is a fine line between what is healthy in design and unhealthy which is when I start to burnout. During these 2 months, I tried to make sure that I took days to myself and just chilled. The last 2 days have kind of been that.

It’s only natural that I burnout kind of quick. It’s in my myers briggs thing haha.

So now that I know this, it’s been good research to figure out what I need to do to not burn out.

I’ve also recently learned that FAIL means First Attempt In Learning. Pretty good right?

I’m glad that I don’t have to make anything tomorrow, but I also feel like I’m still going to make something haha.

3 good things.

  1. Didn’t have to run because it rained

  2. Talked to my cousin in London about bleaching my hair in the summer

  3. Relaxed

I’mma go cook some food. I also bought shoes today :D

Bradley Afroilan