my initials are BA. stands for badass


Starting up again

3 good things

My boss explained to me how a lot of people in senior staff at my job got sad when they heard that I was leaving the Fresh Air Fund. To me, I kind of felt that that’s kind of how it is for everyone whenever they leave, but my boss was saying how some folks wished that they could’ve found a full time position for me there. Apparently, the impact that I’ve had on the organization even with me only being there part-time was a lot. That means a lot to me because I don’t have to do much except be myself, be kind, and do a good job in order for people to recognize me. It’s nice that I can do that in this space, but alas, this isn’t the space that I want to be in anymore. My boss imparted to me these words and frankly, at a time where I’m going through some dating challenges of ending and starting up again, it’s nice to hear words that complement me in a professional space. It’s nice to know that they think of me as family there and would love to have me help out in whatever capacity that I can. If I can, I’d love to go to camp to just get out of NYC.

To be honest, I haven’t really processed this move as much. It’s just as big as my move from UCSB to Berkeley, but it just doesn’t have as much gravity. I guess it’s because I’m looking for more and what was nice was that my boss also agreed that I couldn’t grow anymore in that position. So I definitely think that this is a good move for me. The next 3 months will be battle and I have to give it everything I got. I really want to get a full time position here within that time so that I can finally have a bit more experience under my belt and also to feel a bit more confident about what I’m doing.

2 other good things.

Subway ride home was really fast as compared to the subway ride to work. Jeez.

Hmm. Yesterday was kind of on my mind today, but it wasn’t so debilitating. What I’m trying to process right now is, if I keep looking for fun, but not an actual relationship, then am I only going to get fun? I won’t get hurt. Or maybe I will. I’ve been wondering if I should take a break and just go back to designing. Part of me wants to just focus on career stuff again because I haven’t focused on it in awhile, well I have been, but I haven’t been producing as much as I would have liked.

Today’s drawing is of Grant Taylor. Jeez, this guy is a beast when it comes to just skating everything especially Tranny.

Bradley Afroilan