my initials are BA. stands for badass



3 good things

Subway broke down. Walked the wrong way, but still caught the bus home. Took 2 hours, but I got to walk around a little bit. Complain and still caught the bus home. I really need to work on my reaction to the small things

Things are going smoothly transitioning out of the office

Looking forward to going on a bike ride around prospect park in about an hour/ get some groceries.

So love and relationships have been heavy on the mind the last day. I know what love is for me and I know it’s not the same thing as sex. Love to me is the nurturing of someone’s spiritual growth. Sex is a physical, innate human pleasure that can bring someone closer to someone, but I don’t know if that’s the same thing as love. I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

I feel like I’m falling back into my trend again of not creating. I drew this today and I drew this about 10 years ago for a class. My drawing today isn’t as good as the drawing then. But then again, I traced the image 10 years ago. That was also supposed to be a water color image.

I have some zines that I want to make, but I’ve been getting headaches lately. I think it’s because I haven’t been exercising because of my ankle. A few things have been thrown off.. Gemma is getting a bit impatient with me and I feel bad for her.

A lot of changes, but trusting the process is hard. If I’m given what I can handle, then I sure hope I can handle this all. Dam, I’m tired.

Bradley Afroilan