my initials are BA. stands for badass



3 good things

Had a really good conversation with my roommate

Had a really good conversation with my friend in williamsburg

i biked a lot today

I woke up and my heart hurt a bit. I tried to do the normal thing I do which is beat my heart with pain. It was about 11 degrees today and I just decided to go biking. It hurt, but something about bicycling and listening to frank ocean helps me out a lot.

Frank Ocean helped me get through my first breakup in college. Frank Ocean is still my go to.

As I talked today with my friend in Williamsburg, I told her that this time around with what is going on in my life, I have a very supportive group of people that I can turn to and have my feelings be validated, but also with people to laugh with. I’m so happy that I have this group of people because I feel more confident in myself.

My friend Yang yesterday gave me an analogy, even though he hates analogies, that what’s going on right now is that I’ve built up a support system that wasn’t exactly there for me when I was younger. It was hard when I was younger since I lost my mother at 8 and as a result, a support system was my skateboard and any place that I could be alone. When I got to college and went through some heart break, it took me a long time to figure out that talking about my issues was actually a good thing. A heavy heart can be lightened with the help of friends and some laughter. I definitely did that today.

I also bought some sunglasses that I didn’t think I was going to buy (haha)

Some impulse buys are really good. I’ve been trying to just buy the things that I want because I know I’ll probably never see the item again for a long time. The sunglasses made me really excited for summer time as well. This will be my 3rd summer on the east coast as a young adult and my 2nd in nyc.

With this new agency gig starting up soon, I’m excited to have a different wardrobe too. No more business casual and I’m also excited to say that I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut my hair this summer. More likely than not, I’m also going to dye it a faded purple. Dang, I also almost got my ears pierced today too. If the price was right, I probably would have done it.

Today’s drawing is of Jim Greco. One of my favorite skateboarders from my younger days. He’s a character for sure since it always seems like he wants to be the mob master or something of the sort. My issue is that I always get the head really big rather than in the right proportion. If one thing I should practice, is drawing in shapes first.

Doesn’t really matter what I’m making nowadays, I just want to practice something.

I’m pretty excited about the next few months. More dates probably. More failures. More making things that I want to make. The zines have been halted a little bit which sucks because I just haven’t made time with everything going on.

But jeez. I’m excited. I’m learning how to fail in small calculated risks. I just hope one thing isn’t a permanent problem. I do hope that for sure. I won’t be specific because it’s something I’d like to keep private.

Bradley Afroilan