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Harold Hunter Foundation

Harold Hunter Foundation

The Mission
Creating content for social media to promote the Harold Hunter Foundation’s mission to use skateboarding to transform the lives of nyc youth is essential to fundraising and development. My mission was to shoot photos of our Woodward Camp scholarship recipients and create a layout for social media to spread our mission to a wider audience than NYC.

The Outcome
For this project, I art directed a very simple photo shoot of the kids just having a good time. I created two layouts to post at different times. The layouts were based on a magazine spread, but I made use of Instagram’s slide feature in order to improve the user’s experience.

The Impact
Between 2 posts of these layouts, we received 756 likes and 13 comments. Audience members reached out to see how they could volunteer their services to help us.


Brand Strategy
Identity Design
Photography - Canon Rebel T2i
Social Media Strategy

Below is the finished product. 2 Social media posts for Instagram.

Breaking it down

A Legend’s shadow

Through the Legacy Program, the Harold Hunter Foundation continues Harold’s legacy by sending NYC youth to Woodward Camp, a renowned sleep away camp that helps youth progress in action sports. However, when we post on social media about the progress and success of our young skaters, engagement is low compared to when we post old photos of Harold Hunter. To change this, the Harold Hunter Foundation decided to shoot professional photos of our skaters in a studio setting, interview them, and create an interactive medium to present on social media.


Plain & Simple photos

We picked a handful of skaters to interview and photograph and feature on our Instagram. It was difficult to assemble all of our chosen skaters because many wanted to use this opportunity to use the facilities, coaches, and contests to their full potential. However, the majority of the skaters did show up which made this possible. On my end as photographer and designer, this was a little stressful since this was the first time I was in control of the creative direction.

Instead of picking a firm theme, I decided to just shoot the kids as they were - NYC skaters who were very grateful of the opportunity to be at Woodward. At first there was some hesitation with having their photos taken, but as soon as I showed them the first shot, they became ecstatic because of the perfect lighting that many of them see in their favorite clothing advertisements.


Fun or Serious

I had the kids take a variety of photos. Fortunately, this group was very comfortable with me and were ready to smile, laugh, hold a serious face, and follow my creative direction. For the design, I modeled a magazine that I saw on Pinterest, but I was going to make use of Instagram’s slide feature. With this in mind, I intentionally had the photos and the blocks of yellow go off the slide into the other slide in order to show that everything was connected.

Font & Color

I chose to use the font, Gotham rather than our brand approved font, Trade Gothic Condensed in order to give a magazine feel to the design. I chose Gotham because of its modern and geometric figure and to differentiate these posts from our past posts. I wanted to give these designs an editorial feel, but still feel fun. For color, I wanted our brand approved yellow to be present, but not so present that it would take away from the focus - our skaters.


Bridging the gap

Between 2 posts of these layouts, we received 756 likes and 13 comments. (410 likes for one and 356 likes for the other post). The majority of posts were in the low 200s and high 100s. In addition, audience members reached out to see how they could volunteer their services to help. Additionally, our audience now looks forward to seeing similar, fresh content like this focusing on our youth which will bring in more audience engagement such as volunteering and donations.


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