my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


It's getting hard to post these everyday with the lack of Internet.

i mean I have my phone, but it's hard to post an image to show what happened.

today was one of my first like real adult things.

i had to go to Sacramento today for my sister's birthday but I couldn't leave because my car was double parked in the driveway and I had no idea who parked in front of me.

surprisingly, I didn't get mad or freak out or anything. I kept my cool and understood that it was probably a neighbor because I've seen the car there before. However, it would have been nice if the person was considerate and moved it in the morning.

i was able to make it to Sacramento because my sister's friends were able to pick me up and they live close by so crisis averted.

they kept telling me to get mad, but I wanted to know the whole story.

i got back, called the neighbor, and sorted things out.

while it was an inconvenience to me, I saw this as an opportunity to meet my nrighbor, and get to know their story.

he's lived here for 8 years.

as a fresh college grad, gentrification is something I know we contribute to unfortunately.

if there is anything that I've learned from school and research, it's best that I don't come in with entitlement, but rather get to know people because I am a guest in this neighborhood.

Bradley Afroilan