my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


Still on the struggle bus for Internet.

howver, they might gut be able to install it this Tuesday.

today started off in Santa Clara at my aunt's house.

i woke up early but fell asleep again for the first time in a long time.

as well, I finally dreamed again: even though the dream kind of shocked me (I forget what the dream was about), it's nice to know that I dreamed.

my aunt likes to gossip just a little bit. I try not to as much just because I don't like to talk about people. However, she's still one of the main people who can show me what love looks like. Such as taking care of a succulent that I got from my first love a year ago.

she's shown me a lot of love.

today, I also went to Vallejo: I was supposed to pick up my roommates bed, but hanging out with friends is more important just because some folks I will never see again for a long time.

my neighbor is very nice. I still let him park in the drive way just because no one else is here yet.

we also went to Vallejo just to watch the warrior's game.

it's strange know I don't have to do much yet.

i need to respond to a job offer tomorrow though.

post college is a definite interesting time.

i wish I could have taken some tim off, but I can sometime later~

Bradley Afroilan