my initials are BA. stands for badass

Post College


an edit of the photo that i shot. it's suprising how much fun photoshop can be.
i always think, wow people are really good photographers.
yes, this is true.
but as well, people are good photo editors as well~

So I finally moved out of the old appartment.

i accepted the job as a youth activities coordinator.

i did not get the job interview at another place.

but that's okay.

i need to heal from the place before I go back.

im trying to grow my side project into my main project.

I edited photos for my friend.

they're photos for his graduation shoot.

there's a quotation that I put on my wall that reads.

what have you done today to prepare for tomorrow.

each day I'll write down something pertaining to photoshop and illustrator.

as well, my roommate and I are talking a lot about love lately.

we're trying out some new things just because it looks like fun.

we'll see what happens.



i realized I need 

Bradley Afroilan